10 things I learned during 2014

Here are some of the things I learned or re-learned during 2014 (with links to some of the year’s blog posts):

1.   The trouble with me is: I’m too introspective. See, there I go again.

2.   “Love is greater than truth”. I’ve heard two people independently of each other say this recently. But is it nonsense to compare the two?

The truth is… that truth is not a set of facts or doctrines, but reality, integrity, honesty. Jesus (I believe) is God and therefore the ultimate reality, in whom there is no falsehood but only pure, faithful love. In that sense, he is “the truth”, in the same way that he is “the light of the world”.

Love is the expression of that truth.

When truth becomes a set of doctrines that we hold on to defensively, it is no longer truth.

So in a sense, yes, love is greater than truth.

3.   Get to know where the public loos are, before going out running in an unfamiliar place.

4.   There is a need in our busy world to restore a sense of wonder, and I’m pleased to admit that a sense of wonder at the beauty in music, nature or art has made me cry.

standing alone5.   Hold on to integrity, no matter what.

Be yourself, and bless those who disagree with you.

Painful, but worth it, in terms of building character and faith.

6.   Faith = active trust in the living, loving, mysterious God, rather than holding to a belief system.

7.   Dogmatism can be a dog-eat-dog world.

8.   God can use even speed awareness courses to grab our attention.


9.   Sunflowers are incredible, and I think I caught a glimpse this year of Van Gogh’s inspiration.

10. Just as there’s more than one way to skin a cat (sorry, cat lovers), there are many ways of reading the Bible (these days I’m enjoying a more contemplative style, ‘progressive Christian’ interpretations and Peter Enns’ approach in his book The Bible Tells Me So), yet all recognise the power of the scriptures to create and develop faith, reveal God and transform lives. Lovin’ it!


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